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Recieve free horoscopes, astrology love matches, jokes and fortune cookies on your cellphone, or handheld PDA device.

Current Features Available:

  • Access 3 Horoscope Types
  • The Famous Love Match Tool
  • Funny Fortune Cookies
  • Jokes and Silly Facts
  • Brief Information About Specific Star Signs
  • Zodiac Wallpapers For Your Phone
  • 8-Bit Retro Pixel-Art Style Graphics
  • Low Bandwidth Usage

How Much Does It Cost?

Accessing the site is completely free. However your phone network may charge you for going online and this will vary depending on the network. The site is optimized for low-bandwidth usage so there shouldn't be any great costs (unless you get addicted). Most cellphone networks shouldn't really charge you more then a few pence for reading your horoscope, but check with them just to make sure.

mobile horoscopes Crazy Horoscopes Mobile Edition

Whether you are on a boring train journey, stuck in traffic, or simply trapped in an office, you can still bring a smile to your face by accessing the worlds most hilarious horoscopes using your mobile phone. You no longer need to be frightened of that, sexually repressed demon-witch office-hag of a boss who cannot get a husband and takes it out on you by constantly monitoring your internet connection, incase you look at anything which might accidentally cause you to feel slightly happy.

On Crazy Horoscopes Mobile, you'll find the usual daily, monthly, and love horoscopes, as well as a whole range of other features including jokes, fortune cookies and info about your star sign. There's also the famous love match tool which generates the very same astrology love match reports, its 'older Sister' ( serves daily. Its great for if you are bored in the office and want to cheer up your co-workers, or annoy a few office hags. Whatever your excuse is for visiting it, make sure you tell all your friends about it too.

To access the mobile version of Crazy Horoscopes, simply point your cellphone's web browser at:

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